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 James R. Pluth M.D. (auth.), Aurel C. Cernaianu, Anthony J. DelRossi (eds.)
Donald G. Stein, Marylou M. Glasier (auth.), F. D. Rose, D. A. Johnson (eds.)
Elliott Richelson (auth.), Edwin M. Meyer, James W. Simpkins, Jyunji Yamamoto, Fulton T. Crews (eds.)
Peter K. Jeffery (auth.), D. Olivieri, P. J. Barnes, S. S. Hurd, G. C. Folco (eds.)
Guy Pujolle (auth.), Harry Perros (eds.)
David Schottenfeld (auth.), Guy R. Newell, Waun Ki Hong (eds.)
Paul Spenley (auth.)
Gregory G. Schwartz, Michael W. Weiner (auth.), Saul Schaefer M.D., Robert S. Balaban Ph.D. (eds.)
Frederick Valeriote, Thomas Corbett (auth.), Frederick A. Valeriote, Thomas H. Corbett, Laurence H. Baker (eds.)
Demetrios A. Spandidos (auth.), L. Dogliotti, A. Sapino, G. Bussolati (eds.)
Larry Norton (auth.), I. Craig Henderson (eds.)
Richard M. Elledge, William L. McGuire (auth.), Robert B. Dickson, Marc E. Lippman (eds.)
Ellen Shapiro, Douglas Strother (auth.), Herbert Lepor, Russell K. Lawson (eds.)
B. Habibi (auth.), C. Th. Smit Sibinga, P. C. Das, J. D. Cash (eds.)
Mrinal K. Dewanjee Ph.D. (auth.)
Andreas Plaitakis (auth.), Andreas Plaitakis (eds.)
H. Sasaki, K. Yokota, T. Mizokami, M. Shimizu, H. Yamada, Y. Isogai (auth.), Makoto Nagano, Seibu Mochizuki, Naranjan S. Dhalla (eds.)
Mark Pecker, John H. Laragh (auth.), Franz H. Messerli (eds.)
G. Bennett Humphrey, W. M. Molenaar (auth.), G. Bennett Humphrey, H. Schraffordt Koops, W. M. Molenaar, A. Postma (eds.)
Y. Zhang, O. Rådmark, B. Samuelsson (auth.), Santosh Nigam, Kenneth V. Honn, Lawrence J. Marnett, Thomas L. Walden Jr. (eds.)
P. G. Sarra, L. Morelli, V. Bottazzi (auth.), Brian J. B. Wood (eds.)
Lennart Hansson (auth.), Lennart Hansson (eds.)
Alan Rolf Mickelson (auth.)
Thomas J. Pinnavaia (auth.), Mario L. Occelli, Harry E. Robson (eds.)
Alex E. S. Green, John C. Wagner (auth.), Alex E. S. Green Ph.D. (eds.)
Jerry R. Barker, David T. Tingey (auth.), Dr. Jerry R. Barker, Dr. David T. Tingey (eds.)
Joe Cann (auth.), Dr. P. A. Floyd (eds.)
H. Greenfield, D. A. T. Southgate (auth.)
P. R. Hayes (auth.), P. R. Hayes (eds.)
William E. Kovacic (auth.), Michael A. Crew (eds.)
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 Digitale Dividende
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The Bridegroom: Stories
The Romance of the Holy Land in American Travel Writing
Bankruptcy and Insolvency Accounting, Practice and Procedure (Volume 1)
Public Sector Reforms in India: New Role of the District Officer
Hoecakes, Hambone, and All That Jazz: African American Traditions in Missouri (Missouri Heritage Readers Series)
A Passage to India (Abinger Edition of E.M. Forster)
Casting Light on the Shadows: Canadian Perspectives on Special Operations Forces
Battle in the East: The German Army in Russia (Concord 6519)
Devonian Change: Case studies in Palaegeography and Palaeoecology - Special Publication no 314
Die Belgariad- Saga III. Spiel der Magier. Fantasy- Roman. ( Fantasy).
How to Do Everything with Online Video
The Junkyard Dogs
Heil-Lasten: Arzneimittelrückstände in Gewässern
Underground Gas Storage: Worldwide Experiences and Future Development in the UK and Europe (Geological Society Special Publication No. 313)
Health Financing Revisited: A Practitioner's Guide
Energy Dispersive Spectrometry of Common Rock Forming Minerals
Laß dich verwöhnen. Prostitution in Deutschland
 The Social Psychology of Creativity
Equilibrium in the Balance: A Study of Psychological Explanation
Manual of Soft-Tissue Tumor Surgery
Astronomy and History Selected Essays
Nonverbal Behavior: A Functional Perspective
Handbook of Humor Research: Volume 1: Basic Issues
Basic Group Processes
Kinetics and Equilibrium in Mineral Reactions
Pediatric Sports Medicine for the Practitioner: From Physiologic Principles to Clinical Applications
Ethics and Animals
Profits and Professions: Essays in Business and Professional Ethics
The Human Teratomas: Experimental and Clinical Biology
Quiet Lives
Ir Genes: Past, Present, and Future
Neural Membranes
High Altitude Physiology and Medicine
Memory, Learning, and Higher Function: A Cellular View
Arterial Hypertension: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Therapy
The Adolescent Spine
The Paraganglionic Chemoreceptor System: Physiology, Pathology and Clinical Medicine
Publisher: Springer Polity Press Wiley Brikhauser Thomson/Schirmer Dover Pubns
Author: M. Jensen Henrici Lomax, Pulliam new2 SCI