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 A. Marquina (auth.), Antonio Marquina (eds.)
Joachim Vogel (auth.), Joachim Vogel (eds.)
Joel N. Bregman (auth.), Miguel A. de Avillez, Dieter Breitschwerdt (eds.)
Dorothy C. Wertz, John C. Fletcher (auth.)
Henk van de Bunt, Dina Siegel (auth.), Dina Siegel, Henk van de Bunt, Damián Zaitch (eds.)
Clyde W. Barrow (ed.), Sylvie Didou-Aupetit (ed.), John Mallea (ed.)
Francesca Bacciotti, Thomas P. Ray, Jochen EislÖffel, Jens Woitas, Josef Solf (auth.), A. J. L. Fernandes, P. J. V. Garcia, J. J. G. Lima (eds.)
Dan Zahavi (auth.), Dan Zahavi, Sara Heinämaa, Hans Ruin (eds.)
Lars Reuter (auth.)
K. Schärer, R. N. Fine (auth.), Bradley A. Warady, Franz S. Schaefer, Richard N. Fine, Steven R. Alexander (eds.)
Jaap Maat (auth.)
Andres T. Blei (auth.), R. J. Groszmann, J. Bosch (eds.)
Frederick Stoutland (auth.), Matti Sintonen, Petri Ylikoski, Kaarlo Miller (eds.)
Linda Allal, Lucile Chanquoy (auth.), Linda Allal, Lucile Chanquoy, Pierre Largy (eds.)
Randy Linda Sturman (auth.)
Christian Nellemann, Ingunn Vistnes (auth.), Rasmus Ole Rasmussen, Natalia E. Koroleva (eds.)
Edmund Husserl (auth.), Robin D. Rollinger (eds.)
Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Andreas Timm (auth.), Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Andreas Timm (eds.)
B. O. Akkoyunlu, M. Tayanç (auth.), Dimitrios Melas, Dimiter Syrakov (eds.)
Rudolf Bernet, Ullrich Melle, Karl Schuhmann (auth.), Elisabeth Schuhmann (eds.)
Marcel Goossens (auth.)
Robert C. Pinto (auth.), Frans H. Van Eemeren, J. Anthony Blair, Charles A. Willard, A. Francisca Snoeck Henkemans (eds.)
Götz Paschmann, Stein Haaland, Rudolf Treumann (auth.), Götz Paschmann, Stein Haaland, Rudolf Treumann (eds.)
Mark Bray (auth.), Mark Bray (eds.)
Dr. Marion Wassef (auth.), Mario Manto, Jeremy D. Schmahmann, Ferdinando Rossi, Donna L. Gruol, Noriyuki Koibuchi (eds.)
Fausto Pedrazzini (auth.), Andrea Scozzari, Bouabid El Mansouri (eds.)
Shadpour Mallakpour, Zahra Rafiee (auth.), Ali Mohammad (eds.)
Mihai V. Putz (auth.), Mihai V. Putz (eds.)
Yasuhiro Yamada, Kiichiro Kawamura (auth.), Yasuhiro Yamada, Kiichiro Kawamura, Ken Ikehara, Yujiro Ogawa, Roger Urgeles, David Mosher, Jason Chaytor, Michael Strasser (eds.)
Marcus DuBois King Ph.D. (auth.), H. J. S. Fernando, Z. Klaić, J.L. McCulley (eds.)
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 Continuities in Sociological Human Ecology
Continuity and Discontinuity in Criminal Careers
Control of Metabolic Processes
Coping with Chronic Stress
Coping with War-Induced Stress: The Gulf War and the Israeli Response
Core Level Spectroscopies for Magnetic Phenomena: Theory and Experiment
Correlation Equations: For Statistical Computations
Coulomb Interactions in Nuclear and Atomic Few-Body Collisions
Cryocoolers 8
Cryogenic Regenerative Heat Exchangers
Crystalline Semiconducting Materials and Devices
Current Ornithology
Current Trends in Cryobiology
Davydov’s Soliton Revisited: Self-Trapping of Vibrational Energy in Protein
Delivery Systems for Peptide Drugs
Dendritic Cells in Fundamental and Clinical Immunology: Volume 3
Denitrification in Soil and Sediment
Denitrification in the Nitrogen Cycle
Designing Social Systems in a Changing World
Time Series: Theory and Methods
 Fuel Cells II
New Frontiers In Polymer Synthesis
Interfacial Processes And Molecular Aggregation Of Surfactants
Self-Assembled Nanomaterials I: Nanofibers
Self-Assembled Nanomaterials II: Nanotubes
Advances in robot kinematics: mechanisms and motion
Перенос энергии электронного возбуждения
Теория Экситонов
Избранные главы органической химии
AGU Ref Shelf. Global Earth Physics A Handbook of Physical Constants
AGU Ref Shelf. Mineral Physics and Crystallography
AGU Ref Shelf. Rock Physics and Phase Relations
Квантовая электродинамика
Современная генетика в 3 т
Обыкновенные дифференциальные уравнения
Relativity.The Special and General Theory
What Is The Theory Of Relativity
Multivariable control systems
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