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 David Maier, David S. Warren
Uwe Plasger
Catherine Madani, Laurent Rouvrais
Olaf Pedersen (auth.), Alexander Jones (eds.)
Wen-Hua Teng
Jean-Claude Falmagne, Jean-Paul Doignon (auth.)
Patrick Saint-Dizier, Evelyn Viegas
Michael Daley
Arnold M. Katz
Brandon Alexander, Scott Penberthy, J. Bradford Dillon
Regina Böttcher, Susanne Lang
John J. Macionis, Ken Plummer
Gareth King
Leonard Susskind
Harold J. Kushner, Dean S. Clark (auth.)
V. V. Prasolov
Jiang Q. & Wen Z.
Klaas Sikkel
Victor G. Kac
Diana Barbara Dutton
Edgar Allan Poe (original), Roland John (adaptation)
Yves Crama, Peter L. Hammer
Hal Leonard Corporation
Natasha Shur, Paulina Shur
Daniel Cohen
Stefan Hildebrandt
Heidi Zojer, John Klapper, Ruth Whittle, William Dodd, Christine Eckhard-Black
Fuzhen Zhang
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Random Recommend
 Die Vereinbarkeit von Militärgerichten mit dem Recht auf ein faires Verfahren gemäß Art. 6 Abs. 1 EMRK, Art. 8 Abs. 1 AMRK und Art. 14 Abs. 1 des UN-Paktes über bürgerliche und politische Rechte
Demystifying Mentalities (Themes in the Social Sciences)
Memories and Representations of War: The Case of World War I and World War II (Textxet Studies in Comparative Literature)
Rotating Machinery Vibration: From Analysis to Troubleshooting, Second Edition
Soil Quality and Biofuel Production (Advances in Soil Science)
Rheumatology: Evidence-Based Practice for Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists
Managing Intellectual Property (Express Exec)
Persistent Forecasting of Disruptive Technologies
Introduction to Micrometeorology
The Author's Due: Printing and the Prehistory of Copyright
The Companion Bible: Enlarged Type Edition
GIS for Sustainable Development
Cecilian Vespers: A Mystery (A Collins-Burke Mystery)

Acoustic Phonetics (1999,2000) (Current Studies in Linguistics)
Neurotherapy: Progress in Restorative Neuroscience and Neurology
All the Queen's Men
El Frio (Spanish Edition)
 Precision Apparatus Co Model E-310 Sine and Square-Wave Generator
Precision Apparatus Co Model E-310 Sine and Square-Wave Generator
Precision Apparatus Co Model E-400 Sweep Signal Generator
Precision Apparatus Co Model EV-10-S Vacuum-Tube Multirange Tester (VTVM)
Precision Apparatus Co Servicing by Signal Substitution w. E-200 Signal Generator
Precision Meas of Neutron Spin-Dependent Structure Functions [thesis]
Predictions and Uncertainties for RHIC Spin Physics [RIKEN BNL Workshop proc]
Prehistoric Beasts
Prelim Fracture Analysis - Core Pressure Boundary Tube - ANS Reactor
Prelim Safety Rpt - Std MHTGR Vol 1
Preparation of Zr-Clad Uranium-10 Without Mb Fuel Pins
Pressure Control During Oil Well Drilling
Pressure Relief Valve Engineering Handbook - Crosby
Pressure Suppression System Containments (csni86-126)
Pressure Vessel Handbook
Presure-Volume-Temperature Properties of H2O-CO2 Fluids (geophysics) [short article]
Primary Care Med. - Office Eval. and Mgmt of the Adult Patient
Principes Mathematiques de la Philosophie Naturelle - Isaac Newton [1759] [FRENCH]
Principles and Technology for Designing Precision Machines
Principles of Alternating Current Machinery
Publisher: Springer Polity Press Wiley Brikhauser Thomson/Schirmer Dover Pubns
Author: M. Jensen Henrici Lomax, Pulliam new2 SCI